Hello. I’m Nick Child. I’m responsible for this weblog and its contents.

I’m a retired child psychiatrist and family therapist. I trained and worked in Scotland. Discovering cases that featured undue influence on the children, I have developed the widest concern for children and families going through Scottish family courts. Intensive study and active networking over the past eight years equip me with a broad understanding of the current field. But I’m always discovering more!

Dr Nick Child BSc MB ChB MPhil MRCPsych
Retired CAMHS psychiatrist and family therapist
Edinburgh and Lanarkshire

Other publications:

http://www.forallthat.com; – my main professional website with more publications and wide ranging articles.

www.thealienationexperience.org.uk – blogs about Alienation in families as well as alienation as the core feature of a wide range of patterns of harmful coercive control.

http://www.equalism.org.uk – clarifying the implicit positive -ism that is at the heart of all the inequalities.

An updated concise but comprehensive overview of child alienation

My TEDx talk on “a maverick’s mission and mistakes”.


The views represented in the reports on this website are my best-informed attempt to describe what I’ve seen and learned about Scottish family law professionally and personally.  Being a retired and voluntary campaigner, I have no organisational or other interests to declare … except the concern for providing the best system for those children and families in Scotland who are not well served just now.  For clarity, the argument has been simplified. Finding systematic evidence of what goes on in Scotland is virtually impossible. So constructive feedback and criticism will be welcomed.


There are far too many people to acknowledge individually all those who have helped shape all this over the years. You know who you are. Thank you.